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Services For Law Firms

Frog IT Provides Total IT Management for Law Firms
Are you compliant with the new ABA tech program rules? The ABA now requires lawyers to understand the technology that is owned by their clients as well as the tools necessary to collect, process, search and review the information.  Did you know you are responsible for maintaining the security of clients’ information so there is no data breach, your trust account isn’t hacked, and you don’t incur liability for the inadvertent disclosure of insurance and health care information for your employees and clients?  Do you use Dropbox to store information? A lot of lawyers use Dropbox but its terms of service say that if it receives a legal inquiry, which may or may not include a subpoena, it can choose to release your clients’ information.

Additional Services
In addition to our broad spectrum of technology services we provide IT services specifically designed for law firms. We can help you to understand the latest technology thoroughly enough to make the right decisions and ask the right questions. We can consult with you about the technology that is owned by your clients, how to protect electronically stored confidential client information and what tools are necessary to collect, process, search and review the information.  We will take care of your data retention and preservation, data processing, searching and production and review your technology software, privacy and privilege needs. No matter what the problem is, Frog IT will work closely with you to make sure that your needs and the needs of your firm's partners, associates, staff and clients are met.

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